Monday, 8 October 2012

digital EP cover

I'm very pleased to announce the release of a digital EP that I had the pleasure of doing the artwork for.
the album is some incredible experimental glitchy electronica, by Luke Zeitlin (aka Atman Construct)
download for FREE in the link below:

Thursday, 4 October 2012

New Tshirt: India Fundraising

As some might know, when I'm not being an industrious illustrator I can often be found spinning various circus toys about and occasionally teaching others to do the same.

Just recently I've had the opportunity to join a volunteer-led charity called Performers Without Borders for a 4 month tour of India Jan-May 2013 where we will travel to 3 different cities teaching and playing and performing circus and skill toys with orphans and street kids from problem areas.
This is a great cause especially as some of these children haven't had much time to be kids at all in their lives, and performance skills and the confidence that comes with them are something that can benefit anyone all their life.

Part of being a team member is doing a bit of fundraising beforehand both to cover my volunteer travel costs and for the organisation itself.
So for the occasion I came up with my newest Tshirt design, combining mandala style patterns and my skill toy of choice:
(this will also be the first time Yoyoing has been taught as part of the range of skills PWB brings to these places)

These will be available in white-on-black and black-on-grey

I will be getting a limited number of these printed and I've already taken a few pre-orders from eager people.
They are £16 delivered to the UK (and whatever the equivalent to £18 is worldwide), £15 if you want to collect in person in cambridge.

please email enquiries to PAUL.R.SARGENT@GMAIL.COM

 which Is also my paypal and I wont dissuade anyone from making charitable donations if they feel so inclined ;)

I should mention I still have my previous Tshirts for sale as well as a load of prints of my illustration work: