Tuesday, 25 May 2010


if you happen to be in cambridge you can check out some drawings and prints i have for sale at this exhibition along with 12 other artists work.
it includes many differnt diciplines including illustration, painting, photography, sculpture, textiles graffiti and print.
made possible by the good people at changing spaces

Saturday, 15 May 2010

more promotion

on top of the leaflet and business card i did a huge window display based on how the shop is also a free gallery space/ a place for artists and people to come and see each tohers work, to sit and draw, generally use a collaborative creative space.
as such i did two massive acid spray can people flinging their styles at each other.
was fun to apporach something like graffiti which is i think very set in its ways as a physical medium (paint/markers on the wall, paper stickers etc) and use my voice which has a more collage and digital base to get the same message across, i feel like ive brought something a bit new to a very established art 'movement'
in situ:

digital piece:

also a side project one afternoon when i was getting square eyes from too much photoshop i did some little hand painted pieces and left them around norwich for people to find, if someone picked them up they were 'rewarded' with info about the shop:

stickyfingerz promotion

well heres what ive been working on for the past 3 weeks, stickyfingerz is a graffiti shop and communal art space here in norwich and the guy who runs it (tony) also does workshops for schools and youthgroups, so as part of my uni work i designed a leaflet for his workshops and a business card for him and the shop in general

final leaflet design:


business card:

had alot fo fun taking ym own photos of peelign paint etc and learning new photomanipulation techniques to make all the effects on these, really happy with them image-wise.
had a bit of trouble with the 'stickyfingerz' text, old version was hand written graffiti style, (can be seen here and here on my flickr. but it was decided a more blocky graphical but still handmade typeface woiuld be better from a design point of view, although i think i prefer the way the old one looks.
i guess i still have a ways to go in getting an intuition for what looks good textwise.