Saturday, 15 May 2010

more promotion

on top of the leaflet and business card i did a huge window display based on how the shop is also a free gallery space/ a place for artists and people to come and see each tohers work, to sit and draw, generally use a collaborative creative space.
as such i did two massive acid spray can people flinging their styles at each other.
was fun to apporach something like graffiti which is i think very set in its ways as a physical medium (paint/markers on the wall, paper stickers etc) and use my voice which has a more collage and digital base to get the same message across, i feel like ive brought something a bit new to a very established art 'movement'
in situ:

digital piece:

also a side project one afternoon when i was getting square eyes from too much photoshop i did some little hand painted pieces and left them around norwich for people to find, if someone picked them up they were 'rewarded' with info about the shop:

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