Saturday, 15 May 2010

stickyfingerz promotion

well heres what ive been working on for the past 3 weeks, stickyfingerz is a graffiti shop and communal art space here in norwich and the guy who runs it (tony) also does workshops for schools and youthgroups, so as part of my uni work i designed a leaflet for his workshops and a business card for him and the shop in general

final leaflet design:


business card:

had alot fo fun taking ym own photos of peelign paint etc and learning new photomanipulation techniques to make all the effects on these, really happy with them image-wise.
had a bit of trouble with the 'stickyfingerz' text, old version was hand written graffiti style, (can be seen here and here on my flickr. but it was decided a more blocky graphical but still handmade typeface woiuld be better from a design point of view, although i think i prefer the way the old one looks.
i guess i still have a ways to go in getting an intuition for what looks good textwise.

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